It’s Been a Rough Year

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This past year has been difficult, to say the least. A difficult, painful pregnancy with tons of mind-numbing and lonely bed rest, that ended in 24 hours of labor three weeks early. A painful belly injury while pregnant, a result of my own impatient foolishness. Two extremely painful losses of friendship that damaged my confidence […]

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Learning Not To Drown

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*I received the book discussed in this post free for review; all opinions are my own. Find my official review here; this post is a personal review, discussing the book’s impact on my own life.* I read Learning Not To Drown by Anna Shinoda this past winter, killing time during dreary January half-days. I knew next to nothing […]

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A Story Of Growing Up

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When I was a teenager, my best friend had a saying… “Sunshine and bunny rabbits, right? It’s all just sunshine and bunny rabbits.” We walked a hard road, she and I. Both of our fathers were pedophiles. Both of our mothers turned a blind eye. Both of us were “out” about the abuse, but neither […]

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